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Become the best version of you!

Be successful, confident and happy in life and in business.

Are you feeling stuck?
Do you want to get moving again and take the next steps?
Are you wondering what it is you really want in life?

Do you feel frustrated, unhappy, unfulfilled, dependent and not earning what you worth?

Are you looking for more freedom, more success, more happiness, more satisfaction, more confidence, more income, more revenue, more prosperity or simply “being more of yourself”?

Are you ready to take responsibility for your life and finally take the next step???

Then let me help you live your best life!

Success Starts in Your Mind! Mindset & Success Coaching

With Thinking Into Results I will show you a simple, step-by-step process to get from where you are to where you want to be in life.

You will:

…find out what you really want in life.

…understand what’s been holding you back from living the life of your dreams.

…and finally start living up to your full potential to create the life and/or business you really want.

Barbara Berger

Barbara Berger

Mindset Coach & Business Mentor
THINKING INTO RESULTS / Certified Proctor Gallagher Consultant,
personally trained by Bob Proctor

I know your situation just too well – because I went through the same…

And I found a simple way how to tap into your full potential and start living the life you really want!

With over 20 years of success in business and as a certified systemic coach and Proctor Gallagher Consultant, personally trained by Bob Proctor, I’ve been supporting people for several years now in creating the life and business they dream about.

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Work with me

Thinking Into Results

with Barbara & Bob Proctor

Thinking into Results is a unique, proven and time-tested roadmap for transforming your life and achieving your goals, based on science and psychology. Thinking Into Results is a step-by-step process that can be applied to any area of your life or business and help you turn any dream into reality.

VIP Coaching

Do you have a big goal and are looking for personalized support on your way to achieve it? Are you looking for mentorship during the next few weeks of months while building or growing your business, developing big goals or with your personal development?
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Do you want to find out more about all my offerings? Maybe you already know Thinking Into Results and want to continue your growth?
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Coaching for Businesses

Are you looking for support in building or growing your business or team?
Do you want to increase your revenue, take your sales team to the next level or grow your startup to become successful?
Then it's vitally important that the whole team has your back, is working towards the same goal and has the same mindset.

Facebook Group

Do you want to be more successful on a personal or career level, become determined, confident and independent?
Do you have a big goal you're looking to achieve?
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Join our community to receive free coaching and mentoring in the group. We're offering exchange of ideas, inspiration, motivation and support for taking your next step to success.

Free Ressources

Are you looking for inspiration, motivation, food-for-thought or tools to help you with your first steps around your mindset? Then this is the place for you...

Get valuable Tools, Inspiration & Motivation

Success Starts in Your Mind!

Here you’ll find amazing free resources and tools for your mindset:


Thanks so much for all your support! I finally have a clear goal and am on my way to reach it - I've come so incredibly far already!!! Your support has been eye opening and has shown me what had held me back all this time - and since I'Ve released breaks, nothing can stop me anymore. I am sooo happy!
Startup Founder
Working with you has opened my eyes and helped me gain courage. I now know what's inside of me and I know that there's so much more out there for me! My old job in Finance was good, but not right for me anymore, so now I have the confidence to step into something new. Now it's time for the next steps - and I know exactly what those are, thanks for you and your program!
Team Manager
Thank you so much for the coaching! I was simply stuck. Like in a dead-end street. And I needed someone to help me guide my vision into another direction. I found out what I do not want. And that's pure gold in itself! And that I want to continue my growth and take the next step. I'm so excited to continue working with you on this!

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