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About Barbara Berger

Barbara Berger

After more than 20 successful years in various sales and business development leadership roles in the IT industry, traveling the world on business and for pleasure, getting to know many aspects of small companies as well as large corporations, I started my new path in 2017 after a very personal “turning point” in my life, helping primarily women now to become more successful, determined, confident and independent and reach any goal they want.

As a certified systemic coach and Proctor Gallagher Consultant, I am now using my extensive experience from sales and marketing to support women in sales to reach their full potential and live the life and turn their dreams into reality.

I know that everything is possible if you only believe in yourself – for me, for you and for every one of us!

Based in Germany in the heart of Europe with my daughter and our sweet fluffy dog, I’m a global citizen, love to travel, spend time on a horse and connect with people around the globe to communicate and help them.

Barbara Berger und Bob Proctor Toronto 2019

Barbara & Bob Proctor

Bob Proctor is one of the world’s most renowned mentors for personal development, human potential, prosperity and success. He has spent almost 60 years studying and researching this topic, can look back to a long an extremely successful career and has dedicated his life to helping other people take control over and improve their lives. He has been featured as the most prominent expert in the movie “The Secret”, sharing insight in his work and explaining how people become successful.

I was fortunate enough to learn from many other great coaches and mentors on my way and get insight on their teachings, until I finally found my way to Bob a few years ago. I feel blessed and grateful to be personally learning from and being supported by him.

With Thinking Into Results, developed by Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher, I am offering the world’s leading mindset coaching program. It is a proven and time-tested roadmap for transforming your life and achieving your goals, based on science and psychology. Thinking Into Results is a step-by-step process that can be applied to any area of your life or business and help you turn any dream into reality.